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Home Electrical Audits

Peace of mind for new and established home owners.

Why get a Home Electrical Audit from Steadfast Electric?

Owning a home is significant responsibility.  There are many systems in your residence, electrical, structural, HVAC, to name a few.  Having each in good repair and working order is vital to a safe and comfortable home.  

Our Home Electrical Audits look at many points in your home's electrical system to identify faulty equipment or wiring, and recommend solutions. 

Features of a Home Electrical Audit

Steadfast Electric utilizes industry leading diagnostic equipment to analyze wiring within your home.  Our analysis discovers issues that readily available plug testers employed by most home inspectors miss, such as bootleg grounds.

Our thorough check list includes the following, and more:

  • Main panel inspection
  • Voltage drop
  • Ground impedance
  • Bootleg Ground
  • GFCI and AFCI device tests
  • Visible Code Violations
  • Various safety recommendations

You will receive an Audit Report that details what defects were found and the recommended fixes, with prices.  There are three tiers of defects, Urgent, Recommended, and Optional.

$225.00 HST Incl.


ECRA/ESA #7010279